“We are an island surrounded by what I believe is the best seafood in the world”

     From a restaurant point of view, Nathan explains, that they get a lot of people through the doors who are experiencing fish for the first time (Christ, what did they ever eat next?) mainly because of recommendations or reviews. They have the theory, by trying the UK's number 1 restaurant (Good Food Guide 2018) they are either going to like fish, or are never going to like fish. It's a fish restaurant only, so losing customers when partners refuse to eat fish is common, but it's practice served since birth. Nathan says "I set this up to serve the best possible seafood I can get my hands on".

    Ironically Nathan's mother doesn't eat fish. Reason? School dinners, bad experiences when she was a kid, the smell, the BONES, eyes and faces, fins, everything. Nathan believes "it's a cultural thing, we in Britain have not embraced fish, madly we are an island surrounded by what I believe is the best seafood in the world". Travelling the world, yes Japan is very high up there but "the difference is they know how to look after the fish, the fishermen have massive respect, and the market and the customers. Where here it is a commodity, people/fishermen would have evolved to catch as much fish as they can, bring it to shore, stick it on the market, go to the pub, and wait until it’s sold and then go back and collect their money”. Now that is something they cannot afford to do, with smaller quotas, targeting specific species, not as many fish and they have to be businessmen and in particular more ethical.