Marni on Croissants:

“I’ve had maybe 100, no, thousands of croissants in my whole life. The San Francisco croissant is the best I’ve ever had, the one from a place called Arsicault.
I only like to eat the outside part of the croissant, it tastes like crumbs. Also, when you eat it, your nose looks weird like this....”

Marni wrinkles her nose up and wriggles it around, she pulls all sorts of faces, reenacting what her face does when she eats a croissant.

Most of us grown-ups always put children’s selective food choices down to them being ‘fussy eaters’. Though perhaps with our extensive food complaints: “more salt”, “too sweet”, “not spicy enough”, it’s us mere adults that are the fussiest eaters after all.

While I may never be able to remember or understand what food tasted like as a child, I know I need to start being more facially expressive when I eat. Because who knows? Maybe that’s the secret to really tasting your food.